Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mr. Potato Head.....x 49!!!

This was a really fun project for a one year old birthday party with Toy Story as the theme.  We had a whole assembly line for these Mr. Potato Heads since everything except the eyes and the arms had to be attached before the candy melt coating hardened.  Here is the beginning of the army of Mr. Potato Heads awaiting their eyes and arms:

The next step was giving them pupils, which I really should have left until the last step, but only because of the uncanny experience when you suddenly realize that a slew of Mr. Potato Heads are looking at you (as if they jumped off the screen into real life)!!  The amusing part of all this is that each Mr. Potato Head had a different expression, such as the right-most one in the front row who was probably wondering why are there so many of me?  Good thing none of them had their mouths yet at this point.  The arms were first piped on wax paper and then attached.

A confetti circle and a piped moustache completed the look of each Mr. Potato Head:

Finally, each Mr. Potato Head was nestled into a truffle cup and and finished off with two colors of curling ribbon.  Hmmm....isn't Buzz the one with the plastic helmet?

And how could I resist sitting Mr. Potato Head and Mr. Potato Head Jr. on a real potato?  I couldn't!  These two were extra treats that we made for our family members.  The one on the left is noseless because my nephew didn't want to eat the butterscotch nose, and of course we added a mouth and moustache!  Happy 1st Birthday Noah!!

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