Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Key Lime Pie

Okay, so this one is really my sister's story about her trip to Florida, but somehow, I'm the one telling it.  Here's a "mathemagical" equation: Trip-to-Florida = Key-Lime-Pie.  'Nough said.  When my sister's family returned from Florida, she nearly drove me crazy trying to recreate the Key Lime Pie they had in Florida into a cake treat.  A chef gave her the recipe, and since she’s a formulaic perfectionist, she wouldn’t stop (for 3 days) until she achieved her goal and the by-products that resulted from her original project.  So in addition to her “Death by Chocolate” cake treat (that’s also reminiscent of their Florida trip), below are two versions of her Key Lime Pie: one with harmless graham-cracker-crust-sprinkles on top, and the other with a homemade candied lime (the cake is spiked with tequila on the inside).  J  That’s some happy eating!

1 comment:

  1. These treats arrived by mail in perfect condition. Yum!

    The "Death by Chocolate" is exactly what it should be. So rich and chocolately sweet! Absolutely decadent!

    I also like the key lime ones. They actually go well together... one more subtle (key lime) and one intensely bold (chocolate). I think I tasted the tequila difference mainly in the frosting. They were all sooo yummy and I love the perfect size. Enough to satisfy a sweet tooth, but not too much to make you feel guilty. Perfect!