Q: Should I refrigerate my cake pops once I receive them?
A: Refrigeration is not necessary and is discouraged due to fondant details over the candy melt coating (condensation may collect on the fondant decorations once you take the cake pops out of the refrigerator).  Store cake pops/truffles in a cool place as you would a box of chocolates.  If you are storing them for yourself to eat, you can store the cake pops/truffles in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Q: How about my cake?  Should I refrigerate that even though there's fondant on it?
A: Yes!  Even though there's fondant, there isn't the candy melt barrier between the cake and fondant that collects condensation.  You can take it out for display 2-4 hours before eating.

Q: How long will the cake pops last once I receive them?
A: Not very long, especially if you have lots of people around them. :) Not refrigerated, they will easily last a week or more; will last up to two weeks if refrigerated.  That's the beauty of cake pops!

Q: How many cake pops/truffles should I order per person?
A: That will depend on how ravenous your guests are.  Everyone will want to have at least one, if not two or three.  However, keep in mind that one cake pop/truffle is almost like eating an entire regular cupcake.  The cake inside each cake pop is mixed with frosting and then compacted and thus much more dense than regular cake or cupcakes.

Q: Is everything edible?
A: Yes, all the ingredients I use are specifically made for cake decorating and are edible.  That means the glitter and shimmery effects I use are all edible too!

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