Thursday, May 24, 2012

Custom Dog Cake Pops

A friend asked me to make cake pops of their two dogs for her husband's birthday; six cake pops of Alfie and six of Juno.  They are all chocolate cake on the inside.

Here are the real Alfie and Juno:

Both dogs had amber irises, so I gave the cake pop version of Alfie and Juno amber irises too.  You can see the color better in Alfie's picture below.  For Alfie's scruffy look, I meticulously dipped a toothpick into the candy melt and added "fur" strand by strand.  I even made sure to copy the direction that Alfie's fur grew!

I also made nostrils for all their noses so they could smell better:

 Here they are packed and ready to go!  When my friend came to pick them up, she said that the cake pop Alfie has the same expression as the real Alfie.  I hope they enjoy the cake pops, but I'm wondering if it'll be hard to take that first bite!