Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

These cupcakes and cake pops were so fun to make with a friend. We found cute examples online and started slaving away making our Thanksgiving feast!

These corn-on-the-cob cupcakes are made of butter cake with cream cheese frosting and different colored jelly beans for the kernels.

Ideally, we would've liked to place the "kernels" closer together, but because we didn't have enough yellowish jelly beans, we decided to be creative and make different colored maize.  Afterall, corn really does come in all sorts of colors.  Also, those corn-on-the-cob holders at the ends will be helpful during Thanksgiving dinner!

What's Thanksgiving without a turkey, or maybe a flock of fourteen stuffed with chocolate cake?  We used Whoppers for their heads and butterscotch chips for their beaks, and for feet, we used autumn leaf sprinkles and orange floral sprinkles.  I decided to put nostrils on my turkeys.

Lastly, my last turkey's head started slipping down the front, but by the time I noticed, it had already fallen down to the parchment paper.  It was my perfect excuse to make him into the turkey that was picked for Thanksgiving dinner.  I thought about making a little fondant axe for his neck but I thought that would be a bit too morbid, so I left him with "X's" for his eyes.  I wonder who will eat him tomorrow......have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and I'm sure after the feast tomorrow, everyone will have to roll themselves home!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Gobble-Gobble Day!!!