Saturday, March 5, 2011

Birthday Koalas

Heehee...I couldn't post this one until today because these koalas were a surprise for my coworker's birthday on Friday.  We had to mix our own gray from white candy melt (for the head) and white fondant (for the ears).  The shape of the ears was the hardest part to figure out.  I started with bear-like ears but cringed disapprovingly because instead of looking like a koala, it looked more like a gray mouse with a gigantic nose. I tugged on the ears a bit hoping that stretching the lobes might fix the problem, but it didn't; the animal ended up looking even more grotesque, so I started from scratch.  On my third koala, the ears looked a bit more koala-like but felt a little messy, and on the fourth try, a koala finally emerged!  :)  Happy Birthday!!!

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