Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Perry the Platypus Cake Truffles

These Perry the Platypus cake balls were made to celebrate the launch of Disney's "Agent P Strikes Back" online game.  As part of my research for this project, I ended up playing several minutes of the game which included collecting coins in the shape of platypus feet and battling robots; it's quite a cute game!

Here's a link to the game:  http://disney.com/agentp
This URL also works on mobile Safari/Chrome browsers too!

Blue and yellow candy melt were mixed to match Perry's turquoise color.  I came up with using a little star-shaped fondant cutter for the feet and a Rolo candy on top of a circle of fondant for the detective hat.  I mixed my own orange and brown fondant since I usually only have a few colors on hand (primary colors, white, and black).  The hats were allowed to dry overnight before I attached them to Perry's head with a dab of candy melt.
I sometimes delay putting eyes on my creations due to the discomfort factor of having so many pairs of eyes staring at me...it's a bit disarming.  Makes you wonder what the guy in the lower left-hand corner is looking at.
This brigade of partially finished Agent P's made me a little nervous when I went to bed around midnight; I kept wondering what mischief they might be up to downstairs.

Perry's tails were hand-molded and detailed.  All the vanilla Perry's have straight tails and all the chocolate Perry's have slanted tails.  For the final detail, each detective hat was rimmed with black "ribbon" making Perry an official cake agent.

Aerial view for Agent P's different expressions:

Agent P's packaged and ready for their next assignment: 

Estimated time for this mission: 7 hours.

For the Perry fans out there, there's also Disney's iPad/phone app puzzler game called "Where's My Perry?" modeled after "Where's My Water?"  It's Disney's number one phone app right now, and I downloaded it this morning and it's really fun!


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