Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brave Cake Truffles

These "Brave" cake truffles from the Scotland Highlands were for a 9-yr old's family birthday party.  Her mom basically asked me to create something for her daughter and mentioned that her daughter really wanted to see "Brave" for her birthday.  I wavered between making "Brave" cake pops or cake truffles, but due to the design, I settled on cake truffles.

The design of the two dozen "Brave" cake truffles include Melinda, a target & arrow, Eleanor's crown, three bears, and gold leaves with yellow pearls.  The butter and chocolate cake truffles were first covered with blue candy melt and then covered with a piece of blue fondant to achieve a smooth finish.  All of the decorations were hand-molded from fondant with the exception of the leaves and flowers; I used a cutter.

Close ups:

Aerial view:

Packaged and ready to go!


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