Monday, March 12, 2012

Golf Ball Cake Truffles

I was asked to create golf balls with a logo as a promotional item for a company, and the only requests were to have a dozen golf balls  in each box and to place them on some type of green background.

For the dimples of the golf balls, I used candy molds.  But even then, I had to dip only one side of a cake ball at a time and make sure I used just the right amount of candy melt (so the molds wouldn't overflow once I placed the cake ball in the mold).  After I attached the two halves together, I chiseled all the way around to get rid of any unsightly seams.

Two days before the pick up date I actually spent four hours trying to figure out what method would work best for putting the logo on.  Initially I made my own stencil of the logo and protected it with mailing tape,  but when I tried to hold it over the golf ball and "color" it in, the result was just a smeared mess.  I tried using royal icing and edible markers (which I really don't like to use to decorate treats) for the stencil, and I even tried piping the logo freehand onto the golf balls.  None were to my satisfaction.  Finally, I remembered I had rice paper and edible ink so I experimented with that, and added a red sprinkle to finish off the logo.

 Each box contained a mixture of three flavors: the golf balls with the red dots were red velvet, orange dots were butter cake, and green dots had chocolate cake inside them.

Below are the golf balls packaged to go to the driving range - that would be interesting, wouldn't it?

I hope these golf balls are a hole-in-one at the office!

Here is one of the Regus golf balls with my own golf balls:

Which one is made of cake?  ;)

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  1. Very nice and you really did use of your creativity. Good job!