Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Butterfly Birthday Cupcake Cake Pops

What a tongue twister.....these fluttery cake pops were for a special little girl's sixth birthday party.  Their garage was turned into a dance studio (disco ball and all) where an instructor taught the girls various dances (what a cute idea).  The family already had a Tinkerbell cake, so I decided to make whimsical cake pops.

 For these butter cake flavored cake pops, I used a cupcake mold to achieve the shape.  I first dipped the bottom into chocolate candy melt, and when it dried, I dipped the top into pale pink candy melt.

Here they are before any embellishments: 

I needed to "jazz" them up so I dusted each cupcake with pink shimmer dust (look closely):

They still weren't jazzy enough for me so I added lavender sugar sprinkles:

Next, I marbleized pink fondant, stamped out butterflies, and shaped the wings.

Once the butterflies were allowed to set, I gave each butterfly a white sugar-pearl head.  All the butterflies also received a coating of glimmering pixie dust:

I attached the butterflies to the cake pops using pink candy melt and arranged all of them in a wooden basket with a bright pink bow.

And since I had one butterfly left, I placed it in the middle of the bow.

I really just wanted the butterflies to be able to fly away on their own.....

Butterflies drink nectar, but nectar comes from flowers, so I add a ring of pink and yellow orchids around the outside of the cupcake bouquet.  When I showed up to deliver the butterfly cake pop basket, all the young girls swarmed me.  I was so happy to see their delighted faces since I don't usually don't get to see the reactions!  :D



  1. hi , love this idea soo cute. where did you get the butterfly mold

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    You can get the butterfly fondant cutter at any cake decorating store or even Michael's. Once you cut out the butterfly, it will be flat so you will have to shape it.